Friends of Knowsley-Hey School

Welcome to the website of the Friends of Knowsley-Hey School. We are an unofficial community organization that works to support the school, improve life for pupils, and build relationships between teachers and parents.


We are heavily involved in fundraising efforts to raise money for better equipment, school trips, and more healthy school dinners. We hold parties and fundraising events in the local community every month.


The school day begins at 8.50am and ends at 3.30pm.

There are five lessons per day, each lasting for an hour, with a lunch break from 12.25pm – 1.25pm.
There are three different options available to children at lunchtimes:

  • School Meals
    We operate a cafeteria-style system with a wide and nutrious menu.
  • Packed Lunch
    Facilities are provided for children who bring a packed lunch.
  • Lunch at home
    With written permission from their parents, children may return home for lunch.


Prospective parents, who may wish to visit the school prior to making a decision, are asked to write to telephone for an appointment.

We will be happy to make arrangements to show them around the school and to answer any questions. There is an Open Day and Evening early in the autumn term which will give parents, pupils and other interested parties an opportunity to see the school at work.

Caring For Your Kids

Close links between school and home help us to know our pupils better and we welcome these contacts.

We feel that it is important that parents are fully involved in the education process and share in all the developments regarding their child and the school.

The spirit of the nanny state runs strong through Knowsley-Hey. They aim to create a very caring environment for children with minimal exposure to the risks of everyday life, as described in the guidelines of the education authority. The teachers aggressively eliminate anything that they feel could post a risk to the children’s health and safety.


We have negotiated scholarships with a number of further education colleges and vocational training course providers. These usually involve the school being able to send one of its pupils each year for a free college course or free industry training of some sort.
These opportunities include a free carpentry or plumbing course at Liverpool Community College, a free personal trainer course at the Discovery training venue in Manchester, and a free phone engineer apprenticeship with BT for over eighteen year-olds.


Good order and discipline are essential for academic success and to ensure that pupils learn respect and tolerance for each other. We are proud of the positive and friendly atmosphere that exists within the school. We will not tolerate behaviour which in any way affects the progress of other pupils or is anti-social.

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